Our Approach

Taking a naturalist and hands-on approach, Rhebb & Johns draws inspiration from the surrounding environment. Respecting the unique features and conditions that govern the land, we believe in taking a site-specific, customized approach to designing and building beautiful golf courses that are strategic, playable and exciting. 

In our experience, the shaping process is where the design is most clearly expressed and is a critical stage of the design. Working from a set of concepts rather than a rigid set of plans, this creative freedom allows us to evolve and edit our ideas in real-time in the field. This passion for personally implementing our own design ideas in the field means nothing is lost in translation from paper to dirt. It also affords us the opportunity to add the extra layer of design nuance and creative detail work that elevates a golf course to another level. 

From there, it’s up to the golfer to create their own story.

Keith Rhebb and Riley Johns complement each other’s skill-sets and make for one of the best young and talented teams in this era of modern golf architecture in which the focus has become “fun.” If I had land and wanted to build something for multiple generations and skill sets that had the best of what’s considered old and new styles, I’d hire Keith Rhebb and Riley Johns to build it for me. And not only would we all have a blast building it, I’d have no doubt it would be even better than I could’ve possibly imagined it could or should be.

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