Rolling Oaks at World Woods Golf Club




Brooksville, Florida, USA

In 2022, Rhebb & Johns was hired by Cabot Citrus developments to redesign Rolling Oaks Golf Course at World Woods Resort in Brooksville, Florida. After several months of onsite study of the property in early 2022, Rhebb & Johns and the Cabot group decided upon a comprehensive remodel that combined their favorite design characteristics of the late designer Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

Design characteristics such as grand fairways and broadly sloped greens like Augusta National. Artful bunkering style and placement arrangements like Pasatiempo and Cal Club. Old-world charm and contours like Palmetto and the Meadow Club. The vision was to combine these various elements and characteristics into an experience not found in Florida golf.

Joining the team and design efforts were the talents of Brett Hochstein of Hochstein Golf Design and Joe Hancock of Hancock Golf.

Due to unforeseen delays and timeline conflicts, the design was never realized on the ground. The decision not to proceed was made in the interest of both groups and the project. Rhebb & Johns continue to look forward to developing the idea of a Dr. Alister MacKenzie-inspired golf experience.